Big Ideas Brought To Life

Big ideas,
brought to life

Many of the small to medium-sized businesses I work with don’t have a marketing team.

And the ones who do often have someone who is focused simply on getting things done. They’re hands-on, getting stuck into the day-to-day – creating an email campaign one day, managing SEO another.

Generally, they’re doing OK. Most are lucky enough to be working within a forward-thinking business that buys into marketing and recognises that it can help them to grow.

So why do they need an Fractional CMO / On Demand Marketing Officer?

The best way to explain is to understand how I work.

Typically, as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, I work on a retainer. That might mean as little as half a day week.
I might focus on making your internal processes more digital. Or I might run a deep dive into your internal and external comms, including managing – and challenging – your existing suppliers.

And while it might not sound like much time, I make it count.

Fractional Cmo / On Demand Marketing Officer

Here’s how I make sure you get the best value of me:


I get in deep

I’m there for your weekly meetings, your strategic conversations, your coffee break chats. I’ll talk with your people, ask lots of questions and get under the skin of your business.


I challenge

If you ask me to do an email campaign for you, I’ll probably say ‘why?’. Once I understand what you’re trying to achieve, I’ll use my experience to help you work out exactly what is the best way to get there. And it might not always be the most obvious answer.


I try things out

I spend a lot of time talking to and learning from some of the brightest thinkers in our industry. So when I hear about a new tool, an innovative piece of software or a fresh idea, I want to test it out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – but it’s always an opportunity to learn and grow better, fast.


I make things happen

I don’t believe in just coming up with ideas and leaving it at that. I’ll find the resources to make it a reality, thanks to the incredible pool of talent I have to draw on.


I see the big picture

No one knows your business as well as you. But I can bring a strategic focus and clarity that isn’t always easy when you’re caught up in the day-to-day. That means making sure that everything we do together leads back to making your objectives and your vision a reality – and helps your business to grow.

Being a Fractional CMO is just one of the ways I can help you. Read my story here and find out more about my training, speaking and online event production.



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