Meet Jonny Ross

Meet Jonny

I’ve been helping ambitious companies to grow for the last 20 years. It’s what I love to do, taking a data-led approach to marketing that’s rooted in the latest SEO expertise.

Why am I so passionate about it?
Because I’ve been there myself.

I’ve run a successful e-commerce company, whose sales suddenly dropped through the floor when it slipped down the Google search rankings.

I’ve spent countless hours in meetings with highly-paid SEO ‘experts’ telling me how to get my business back on page one of Google, with zero results.

It was frustrating and annoying. But it also fired my passion to get out and help other businesses to grow by optimising their content for SEO, in a way that actually delivers results.

It’s why I’m so obsessed with giving my own clients good value for money. And it’s why I’m always challenging the industry, in everything I do.

As a marketing consultant, I help businesses of all sizes to figure out their goals, bring in more leads and deliver impactful marketing. I advise them on everything from optimising their digital content for SEO, to social media, website design and development.

Marketing Consultant
Coach And Trainer

As a coach and trainer, I work with them to build their internal teams too, honing the marketing skills they have in-house.

I also run and produce regular webinars, masterclasses and online events, as well as sharing my own insights through talks and expert panel appearances. To book me to speak, head here.

Online Events

And if you’d like me to run and produce your online event, you can do that here.

I’m also a regular blogger and podcaster on all things digital marketing, SEO, social media and web development. Take a look at my Podcasts here.

Blogger And Podcaster

The common thread?

All of these are opportunities to find out more about the fresh challenges that I know so many businesses are struggling with, every day. And they inspire me to constantly try and come up with the best solutions to help.

I’d love to talk with you about how I can help you and your organisation to grow.



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